Tito The Biodegradable Milk Bottle

Tito The Biodegradable Milk Bottle

Due to fewer men drinking Milk while drinking more Beer, Wine and Whiskey, the Swiss Government has introduced A new packaging for Men. It is shaped like Boobs with Nipple.

Naturally, It Is A Big Hit!

As its look is Amazing, Milk is Fresh and Easy To Carry.

Always Drink Fresh Milk – New Swis Milk

Tito – Biodegradable Milk Bottle 16 Oz = 473 Ml.

Something Very Interesting for Men. Guys will Definitely Love It. 

It is Tito, The Biodegradable Milk Bottle of 473ml.

Refrigarete After Opening

You can Refrigerate it.

Can’t wait for it to be cold enough to drink? Or you would prefer it warm like human body temperature?

Straight To The Breakfast Table, As A Creamer

OMG… It’s leaking out.

Guys will definitely love this photo.

Simply, Squeeze To Get The Milk Out

You can SQUEEZE it hard or lightly.

To your favourite Cuppa Coffee, Tea or Something Else.

Perfect For Babies On The Go

Or you may drink it directly. Wow… always have those fantasy?

Now you can drink directly, just have some imagination k?

100% Biodegradable

Once done with your fantasy, please discard it properly…

I don’t think you wan to throw it infront of your house.

May be you can try to refill water inside after drinking and squeeze for the fun of it…

May be it’s a bit small.. should be Bgger…

Liked it
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